Création de société aux États-UnisIncorporation of U.S. Companies
Dépôt de marque aux États-UnisRegistration of U.S. Trademarks

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CorpoMax can provide you with 50+ US corporate services or may easily help you to get them.

Main US Corporate Services

  • Incorporation of a US Company in any State
  • Mailing Address in the USA
  • Filing of a Trademark in the USA (or USA + Canada)
  • Qualification of an Existing Company (U.S. or foreign) in any U.S. State
  • Incorporation of a Non-Profit Organization (e.g. Foundation, Charitable Organization, Association, etc.)
  • Annual Corporate Update (preparing meeting notices, minutes, etc.)
  • Company Change of Name
  • DBA Name (Doing Business As...)
  • Registered Agent Services - in all U.S. States
  • Change of Registered Agent - in all U.S. States
  • Double Mailing Address (Delaware + other U.S. State)
  • EIN Number (Business)
  • ITIN Number (Individual)
  • Bank Introduction (Business and Personal Accounts)
  • Visa/MasterCard Merchant Account
  • S Corporation Status
  • Reservation of Corporate Name
  • Certificate of Good Standing with Apostille
  • Certificate of Incumbency with Apostille
  • Transformation of a Foreign Company in a U.S. Company
  • Creation of Series LLC
  • Payroll Services for Employees in the U.S.
  • Dissolution of a Company
  • Revival of a Company (Cancellation of its Dissolution)
  • Corporate Ledger and Corporate Seal
  • Contract Forms (Shareholders' Agreement, Nominee Agreement, Power of attorney, etc.)
  • Registration of Copyright
  • Registration of a Boat in Delaware
  • Work Permit and Business Immigration (U.S. and Canada)
  • Incorporation of a Canadian Company
  • etc.