Création de société aux États-UnisIncorporation of U.S. Companies
Dépôt de marque aux États-UnisRegistration of U.S. Trademarks


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Me Vincent Allard
Me Vincent Allard
President, Corpomax Inc.


Since 1981, Mr. Vincent Allard has been member of the Quebec Bar Association. He is also member of the American Bar Association and of the Canadian Bar Association.

He has three university degrees:
- License of Law (LL.L.) from University of Montreal (Canada)
- Masters of Business Law (LL.M.) from University of Ottawa (Canada)
- Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Ecole des HEC (Montreal, Canada)

For more than 18 years, Mr. Allard practiced Business Law, mainly as principal partner of the Montreal law firm Pigeon, Allard.

In 1995, he cofounded Jurifax Inc., a legal publishing company that distributes over 600 business legal forms via Internet.

In 2001, he founded CorpoMax Inc., a corporation located in the State of Delaware, that offers incorporation services of U.S companies and registration services of U.S. and Canadian trademarks, to business people and professionals all over the world.

Mr. Allard gives lectures and seminars on a regular basis about U.S. company incorporation, mainly to the members of the Quebec Bar Association and of the Canadian Bar Association.

Me Vincent Allard
Véronique Allard
Managing Director


Ms. Véronique Allard is a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (B. Eng.) from PennState University (Pennsylvania, USA).

Ms. Allard is managing administrative operations, quality control, design and maintenance of databases and software systems of the company.

Me Vincent Allard
Suzie Desmarais Maxon
Legal Director


Ms. Suzie Desmarais Maxon is a Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) from University of Montreal (Canada) and has a Masters of Corporate Law and Finance (LL.M.) from Widener University School of Law, in Delaware.

Ms. Desmarais Maxon is in charge of the design, verification and update of CorpoMax corporate products.