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What They Say about CorpoMax

"... I just wanted to thank you... and I'll be sure to recommend you if I come across anyone who wants to incorporate a business in the U.S."

— N.L., France

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ about CorpoMax

  1. How can I order a CorpoMax service?

    At the top right of each page of the Web site, you must click on the Order Now green button.

  2. Is the CorpoMax service ordering process secure?

    Yes. All the transactions are processed in a secure environment.

  3. What is the privacy policy regarding information I send to Corpomax?

    Your personal information remains totally confidential.

  4. Can CorpoMax provide me with advice?

    CorpoMax is only a corporate service company. Therefore it cannot provide any legal, accounting, financial or tax advice or service.

  5. What payment method may I use to pay CorpoMax services?

    CorpoMax offers several ways to pay:

    Bank Wire Transfer CorpoMax bank account information provided upon receipt of your order form.

    Western Union Western Union transfer instructions provided by CorpoMax upon receipt of your order form.

    Bank Check Must be issued by any U.S. bank or other U.S. financial institution.

    Personal Check Two-week delay for non-certified checks to clear the bank.

    Credit Card Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Authorization form provided by CorpoMax upon receipt of your order form.

    PayPal Payment instructions provided by CorpoMax upon receipt of your order form. CorpoMax is a PayPal Verified Member.

    - Any payment must be made in US dollars;
    - Any check, bank draft or wire transfer must be made to "CorpoMax Inc.";
    - Full payment is required before CorpoMax services are provided.

  6. How are CorpoMax products shipped (e.g. corporate ledger)?

    CorpoMax products are shipped via FedEx.

  7. How do I get more information?

    Please contact CorpoMax without delay, by phone, Skype or email.

  8. When should I expect a reply from CorpoMax, to my e-mail?

    You will receive a personalized answer very quickly.

  9. What does CorpoMax do with the comments and suggestions it receives?

    CorpoMax publishes testimonials on the Client Testimonials page. These testimonials have not been solicited by CorpoMax and have been received in writing.

    Regarding comments and suggestions, CorpoMax examines them very seriously.