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Legal Information

What They Say about CorpoMax

"Thank you for the excellent professional service you provided. My client is very happy. Your company will be highly recommended."

— Mrs. M.R., Attorney, Canada


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Legal Information


CorpoMax is very concerned about security issues regarding transactions done over the Internet. The CorpoMax service order process takes place entirely within a secure environment, using the latest and most efficient security technology. When you provide your personal information, CorpoMax uses the industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to prevent information from being intercepted. CorpoMax guarantees that all measures complying with the strictest security standards have been taken to prevent your personal information from being intercepted, read or otherwise used by unauthorized third parties during the CorpoMax service order process.


CorpoMax also takes Client privacy very seriously. CorpoMax guarantees that no personal information will be disclosed to anyone, for any reason whatsoever, except, of course, to the limited extent required to provide services to you and to receive payment for such services.

Corporate Service Company

CorpoMax is a company that provides corporate services, which include the preparation and filing of governmental forms and other corporate documents. However, CorpoMax cannot provide any advice or service of a legal, accounting, financial or tax nature. You should instead consult an attorney, an accountant, a tax expert, or other qualified professional, depending on your specific needs.

Email Correspondence

CorpoMax believes it is essential to reply quickly and efficiently to all your information requests, especially those sent by email. CorpoMax guarantees that you will receive a personalized email reply no later than the end of the next business day, following receipt of your request for information.

Website Terms of Use

Neither the CorpoMax Website, nor any portion thereof, may be copied, duplicated, reproduced, sold, rented, or otherwise used for any commercial purpose, except with CorpoMax's prior approval. CorpoMax reserves the right to suspend an order or restrict access to its Web site to any person whose conduct is illegal or inappropriate, or is harmful or likely to be harmful to CorpoMax or its affiliates, suppliers, or clients.


Content of the CorpoMax website has been prepared using several sources of information. However, considering that laws and their interpretation are changing on a regular basis, CorpoMax can by no means guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in its website. It is thus strongly recommended to contact a lawyer, an accountant, a tax expert or any other qualified professional in order to obtain specific advice related to your particular situation.


CORPOMAX® is a registered trademark owned exclusively by CorpoMax Inc. This trademark may not be used in connection with any service or product other than those offered by CorpoMax, or in such a manner as to cause confusion in the public mind or to discredit CorpoMax, or its Web site, services or products.


All CorpoMax services and products, all CorpoMax service and product lists, and all content included on the CorpoMax Web site (text, graphics, logos, buttons, images, icons and software components) are the exclusive property of CorpoMax Inc. or its suppliers or licensors. They are protected by copyright laws and by international agreements. Any reproduction, in whole or in part, by any method or process whatsoever, for purposes other than personal use, is strictly prohibited.