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Gold Incorporation Service

This professional service is intended for business people who are looking for an "all-inclusive" US business incorporation package, either in Delaware or any other State.

Gold Service

The Gold Service includes the following services:

  • Corporate Name Search in the State business records
  • Preparation and filing incorporation documents with the State
  • Payment of all State filing fees
  • Incorporation of the Company within 24 hours (may be longer in California)
  • Preparation of corporate documents *ready for signature*, including:
    • Organizational Minutes by Directors (Corporation) or Managers (LLC) specified by the Client
    • Organizational Minutes by Shareholders (Corporation) or Members (LLC) specified by the Client
    • By-Laws (Corporation) or Operating Agreement (LLC)
    • Stock certificates (Corporation) or Member certificates (LLC) issued to the Shareholders or Members
  • Providing a Deluxe Personalized Corporate Kit, including:
    • Corporate minute book
    • Certified Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (corporation) or of the Certificate of Formation (LLC)
    • Bylaws (corporation) or Operating Agreement (LLC)
    • Minutes by Directors (corporation) or Managers (LLC)
    • Minutes by Shareholders (corporation) or Members (LLC)
    • Specimen of share certificates (corporation) or unit certificates (LLC)
    • Stock transfer ledger (corporation) or Unit transfer ledger (LLC)
    • Twenty Stock certificates (Corporation) or member certificates (LLC)
    • Sample forms for corporate minutes
    • Corporate metal seal, with corporate name and year of incorporation
  • Obtaining the EIN number, issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), if needed
  • Supplying a Certified Copy of the Certificate of Constitution issued by the State
  • Delivery of the corporate ledger in 24-48 hours via FedEx (shipping costs extra)
  • Registered agent services for twelve months

US$ 899
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