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What They Say about CorpoMax

"... I just wanted to thank you... and I'll be sure to recommend you if I come across anyone who wants to incorporate a business in the U.S."

— N.L., France

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Before selecting a U.S. corporate services provide

Here are five questions you must ask before selecting a U.S. corporate service provider.

Five Questions to Ask...

  1. What are the skills of this service provider?

    Since May 2001, CorpoMax has offered U.S. corporate services of high quality to thousands business people and professionals (attorneys, accountants, tax experts, etc.) located in more than 50 countries all over the world.

    CorpoMax is directed by Mr. Vincent Allard, specialized in business incorporation.

    CorpoMax has built its reputation among its clientele and media.

  2. Who is working for this service provider?

    Three professionals are members of the CorpoMax Team and are all devoted to our client satisfaction.

  3. What guarantee do I have that, upon my payment, the service I requested will be rendered by this service provider?

    First, CorpoMax is one the Delaware commercial registered agents.

    Also, Mr. Vincent Allard has been member of the Quebec Bar Association for over 30 years (and of American Bar Association and Canadian Bar Association).

  4. How easy is it to contact this service provider?

    It is always easy to contact CorpoMax, either by phone, Skype or email. Mr. Allard and his team are committed to establish a professional contact with not only CorpoMax clients but also with anyone interested in U.S. corporate services of high quality.

    As often mentioned by Mr. Allard: "At CorpoMax, we don't have files, we have clients. When we understand the difference, we stay in business much longer".

  5. Is this service provider really established in the U.S.?

    Founded in May 2001, CorpoMax is a U.S. corporation physically located in the City of Newark (Delaware) and has a business license issued by the State of Delaware.